Passion Wave in Software Development

While writing my second indie project, I have faced an interesting case. 
I never think through the entire codebase beforehand when writing side-projects. What I instead do is I think through each and every single detail like having a look through a magnifying glass.
Piece by piece, it all comes together in the end. And the outcome is always a well-thought end result.
Why does this happen and how to achieve this on a regular basis?

  1. Being openminded 
  2. Collective Expertise
  3. Keep being #1 critic of yourself
  1. Being Openminded

Whenever facing an issue with understanding on how to proceed writing the code, it’s important to stay open to new ideas. They come in different shapes and forms, sometimes not even related to programming. This means that in general in order to be successful in code writing, one must also be openminded in other areas of life. Programming is mostly an art, like drawing, the essence of programming cannot really be taught by books or by experience. Like any other artwork, code relies on the writer to put one’s heart and soul into it.

  1. Collective Expertise

While having decades of experience, one can still stay behind one’s passion’s pace. 
Being experienced doesn’t actually mean to have the experience. It actually means how one is experienced going through the learning curve. 
It’s impossible to always be the lucky programmer that builds a successful software. Luck is not applicable to professionalism. What actually helps being successful is to rely on an “engine” that moves oneself forwards. That engine might be a passion to software development, maybe a passion to the idea that is being developed. And like any other passion it comes and goes. 
Being experienced is to be able to use the “passion wave” in such a way that no detail will end up tossed in trashed.Any idea should be written down, maybe just as a comment, maybe as a note – doesn’t matter. What matters is that the energy won’t be emitted for nothing. 

  1. Keep being #1 critic of yourself

As an old saying says, “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live”  (John F Woods’s actual post). Recipe is simple:

  1. Write unit tests.
  2. Write UI tests. 
  3. Always make your code S.O.L.I.D.
  4. Do self code review. 

Then, profit!

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