Fear of being fired

On one of my journeys in my career as a Software Developer for Apple platforms, I had a situation where every single day I would be frustrated off fearing being fired. Every. Single. Day.

At first it was causing a lot of stress out of nowhere, where I would push myself to the limits trying to prove that my work and my knowledge worth at least what is in the contract.

And when there were the days of lack of energy to provide the result, I would get nervous even more!

All of this was causing constant feeling of being under pressure, even though the demand was much lower as I was imagining it would be.

After a year of constant stress I finally woke up and realised that the fear of being fired was just an illusion, that I was simply lacking a trust and lacking of being trusted.

The reason was very straightforward – there would be months of absolutely no communication with teammates and/or managers. 

It is actually somewhat a norm, people in startups are just too busy trying to get things done.

However, reality is contrary to that norm that, as I suspect, was established by people who would not work on their duties that they have been burdened by.

As an outcome, I have became much more productive by removing that illusion from my head, and working each day as it was the last day. Only caring about the product, end result, and not relationships with client / employer / colleagues. 

What makes best of that decision is that it helped me delivering products in time on two different occasions, as well as I was able to keep my contract as long as I wanted it to last.

The outcome of this article is this: don’t be afraid. Never. Fear is an illusion of a lazy mind that cannot explain the unknown. Stop being lazy, invest time in studying topics you care about. Transform your fear into your power.

By leveraging the strength that is being “stolen” by fear, one can accomplish anything that is out there. Anything.

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